Diabetes affects the body in many different ways. Diabetic seniors face serious consequences if they can’t control the disease, including:  


  • Heart disease

    Senior Care Shakopee, MN: Healthy Diabetic Lifestyle

  • Stroke
  • Vision loss
  • Nerve damage 
  • Amputation 


Fortunately, when seniors take good care of their diabetes, they can usually prevent problems before they even start. They can often avoid these complications and enjoy a healthy life. To take good care of diabetes, medical professionals recommend: 


  • Eating right 
  • Staying active 
  • Inspecting and caring for feet daily 
  • Practice good oral and skin care 
  • Keeping up with medical appointments and screenings 


However, it’s not always easy to accomplish these goals for aging adults. When seniors find these things challenging, senior care can make a big difference. Senior care services are designed to support older adults’ independence and success in the comfort and safety of their own homes. They provide a wide variety of services on a completely customized schedule. 

Shopping and Meal Preparation 

Eating healthy is a cornerstone of diabetic management. Many seniors find that shopping or meal preparation can interfere with their goal of healthy eating. Prepackaged food can be convenient, but often lacks necessary nutrients, or contains unhealthy amounts of sugar, fat or salt.  

Hiring a senior care aide to help with grocery shopping and meal preparation can make healthy food accessible. Senior care aides can drive their client to the store, or go shopping on their behalf. They can prepare simple, healthy meals. They can even prepare meals or snacks ahead of time, so the senior can have healthy choices conveniently on hand. 

Exercise and Activity 

Staying active is very important for diabetic health. Senior care aides can help by transporting a senior to a gym or exercise class. They can also go for routine walks together, which can help motivate the senior to get moving. It also can make the time safer and more enjoyable. 

Foot Care 

Diabetic feet are notoriously hard to heal. This means that a simple injury, or even ingrown toenail, can quickly progress into a wound that can’t be treated, which can lead to amputation of the foot or leg. To prevent this, medical experts recommend that diabetics inspect their feet daily. Sores, blisters, splinters, red skin, or signs of injury can develop into a serious wound surprisingly fast, and should be reported to the doctor right away. When seniors aren’t able to see their own feet due, senior care aides can step in.  

Assistance with Personal Care 

Diabetic experts recommend that seniors take good care of their teeth and keep their skin clean and moisturized with lotion. Senior care aides are able to help with these and other personal care. 

Transportation to Appointments 

Experts urge diabetics to keep up with routine medical appointments and preventative care, including: 


  • Cancer screenings 
  • Pneumonia and other vaccinations  
  • Blood or urine tests at least annually 
  • Yearly eye exams 
  • Dental appointments twice per year 


For seniors who are no longer able to drive, the number of recommended medical care appointments can be problematic. Luckily, senior care aides are able to transport seniors to their appointments. They can even come into their home and help them get ready to go. They can wait with the senior during the appointment and then drive them home afterward. This type of support and service can make attending these appointments easier. The right support can enable seniors to avoid complications of diabetes and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 


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