Give your senior parent or loved one a break from their daily routine of elder care at home and mix it up in the new year by finding fun activities that you will both enjoy together.

1. Plan a mini getaway.

For a week or a weekend, or maybe even just a day, consider planning a mini getaway that you and your senior would enjoy. Is there a national park, a fun little shopping town, or a place that you or your senior have always wanted to visit? Pack up the car and take a trip! You will enjoy talking to your senior and will cherish the memories you made together for years to come.

2. Plant a garden.

It doesn’t take much space to plant a little garden, and your senior might really enjoy having something to tend to in the months ahead. You can choose what type of garden; whether you want to plant herbs or spices to harvest and consume or just pretty flowers that will be visibly enjoyable, and get your senior involved in both the planning and the planting process. Find a sunny spot and wait for your work to pay off. Talk about all of the ways in which plants can help us and how to properly care for their new garden. If grandkids are around, they will like the opportunity to help make memories and learn a little about science as well!

3. Make a bucket list.

Do your or your senior have things that you both want to do but haven’t found the time to make them happen? Make it official with a bucket list. You can write down the things, activities, or places that you both want to do or see, or if you are more of a visual type, cut out pictures and glue them to a board so you can see your bucket list come to life. Keep things light and when you are done with your list, each choose which item you both want to cross off first and make sure to take the steps to make it happen.

4. Research family history.

It can be a fun and rewarding experience when you take the time to learn about your family history. Ask your senior detailed questions about their relatives and life, and maybe even consider creating an official family tree.

5. Take a class together.

To mix things up, take a class with your senior such as cooking, drawing or other art, photography, dance, or sewing. It’s never too late to try something new and you will appreciate spending time together.

6. Get family photos taken.

Include your senior in your professional family photo shoot and let them get dressed up for the occasion. Don’t have the money to hire someone? If your senior has an elder care aide, ask them to help by taking some pictures in your parent’s back yard or another pretty park or location that will make good pictures and memories.


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