Mildred didn’t like to dwell on things. However, in her 80s, widowed, and living alone, she couldn’t help but feel how everything was tougher, how each task she tried to do -even the seemingly simple and innocuous ones- were utterly overwhelming her at times. She worried about her safety, but she didn’t talk about it much.

Especially not with her adult daughter who would visit with her as often as she could.

Because her daughter was working full-time, raising three children (teenagers, at that) as a single mother now, she didn’t have a ton of time to stop by and visit. So Mildred did her best to put on a brave face and not let her see the struggles and worries she was having.

That didn’t eliminate the stress.

Senior Care Rosemount, MN: Seniors and Safety

Stress about her own safety impacted her every day. She couldn’t remember the last time she didn’t worry about such things.

One thing Mildred didn’t recognize or even realize at the time, though, was the impact senior care support would have in her daily life. She didn’t see herself as someone who ‘needed’ senior care.

She still saw herself as relatively healthy. It was simply that her physical abilities had declined. So what? She thought. She could still get around on her own. So what if she had trouble climbing the stairs to do laundry once in a while? As long as she was conscientious about it, that would be enough, right?

It never was. While she didn’t fall down or suffer injuries yet, every day she felt the impact of her age and diminishing strength. That was what caused her stress. She could actually feel how difficult even the simplest of tasks had become.

How would senior care make a difference?

Depending on the type of senior care Mildred considered, she could completely eliminate the stress she felt regarding her safety. That doesn’t mean senior care eliminates all risk, but when an aging senior has the right care and support in the best environment, they don’t have to worry about being alone.

Mildred finally talked to her daughter about some senior care options and what they decided on made all the difference. Instead of stressing every day about her safety, Mildred was able to focus on activity, the things she enjoyed, and her perceived quality of life improved as a result.

It was a wonderful decision that positively affected everyone in the family, too.

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