Another holiday is right around the corner and you might be once again trying to determine how to celebrate it with an aging parent that still cannot go out to public areas or be in contact with individuals who have not received the Covid vaccine yet. It’s been almost a full year of re-imagined holiday celebrations. If your family has traditionally enjoyed celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, this year you can create some new and fun ways for your elderly parent to still celebrate this holiday that highlights everything Irish.  

  • Make some traditional Irish food. 

    Caregiver Prior Lake, MN: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

    Whether it’s a new-to-you dish or a family tradition meal, creating a yummy meal for St. Patrick’s Day is always a great way to celebrate the holiday. As your parent’s caregiver, you can provide the groceries and then head over to your parent’s home to spend time together cooking up a delicious meal. Corned beef and cabbage is an iconic Irish dish or perhaps some bangers (sausage) and mash (potatoes) might be right up your parent’s alley. Make it special by bringing over a beautiful bouquet of greenery (or even carnations dyed green) to put on the table and your parent will have a lovely night with you.  

  • Bake up some green treats. 
    Grab that green food coloring and go to town baking up some yummy sweets with your parent. You can use the green food coloring to change the color of frosting for bars, cookies, or cakes, or you can create something simple like green rice crispy cereal treats. Feeling generous? Help your parent create little gift bags of treats to leave on neighbor’s doorsteps or for you to bring home and share with other family members. Sometimes remembering all the steps of baking can be hard for elderly parents so having a caregiver like yourself will help your parent successfully bake up some love in her sweet treats for others is a treat in and of itself 
  • Create some green drinks.
    If your parent likes to enjoy an occasional alcoholic drink, March 17 is a great time to make some fun St. Patrick’s Day drinks. You could create a green bloody Mary with tomatillo juice or create a classic “Grasshopper” drink made up of ice cream, crème de menthe, and crème de cacao. If weather permits, enjoy your drinks outside. Maybe there is some greenery starting to grow outside. Spend some time looking for the way Mother Nature also celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with pops of green.  
  • Listen to some traditional Irish music or watch some Irish dancing. 
    Your parent may not be able to go to a public performance, but luckily, she has a caregiver who can find some fun music and dance videos on YouTube to enjoy to celebrate the holiday. You can also search for movies that are focused on Ireland or Irish culture to transport you both to another beautiful part of the world.  

Celebrations are better when we do them with those we love. As a caregiver, you get to uniquely spend time with your aging parent so finding new ways to celebrate classic holidays is a great way to bring some fun back into the holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.  


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