An AARP report says about 8 out of 10 adults over the age of 65 believe they’ll live in their current home for the rest of their life. Around 90 percent want to age in place. If that’s your parents’ goal, help them embrace it.

Even if their abilities change over the years, they can still stick to their dream. Elder care is a convenient way for them to stay in their home without risking their safety and mental or emotional health. Here are the different ways elder care helps.

Make Their Home Safe

Make sure your parents’ home is safe for them as their abilities change. If your mom has arthritis, she may find it becomes harder to go up and down the stairs to her garage. Sturdy stair rails are important.

Your dad had a stroke and needs to sit down while taking a shower. He needs someone to help him get in and out of the bathtub in order to clean up. A shower seat and grab bars help, but he also needs a caregiver to help him get in and out safely.

Safety measures should include inspecting and fixing loose flooring and rails. Install grab bars need to be in critical areas of the bathroom. You want them near the toilet and in and outside the shower or bathtub. You also want to make sure the lighting in their home is bright enough to keep shadowy areas from posing a hazard.

Talk to Your Parents About Their Changing Needs

Have an open conversation with your parents about their changing needs. If your mom is starting to lose confidence in her ability to drive, explore the reasons. It could be her eyesight has changed enough that she doesn’t feel safe. It may be time to let someone else drive.

Your dad admits that ankle pain keeps him from being able to gather and take out the trash. Maybe it’s time to have caregivers who can help him with that chore. He shouldn’t be embarrassed. Make sure he knows aging happens, and it’s nothing he should be ashamed of.

With assistance from elder care aides, your parents enjoy their independence without risking their safety. They’ll have the help they need with everyday tasks like housekeeping, laundry, and transportation.

Caregivers can help with other daily activities, too. If your mom and dad need help during showers, personal care, and meal preparation, those kinds of services are also available through an elder care agency. Learn rates by calling an agency.

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