When an elderly adult starts losing their balance, coordination, and strength, this can affect their independence. Research shows that exercising regularly can help elderly adults to boost their strength and help them keep their independence for longer. If you are worried about your elderly loved one and their independence, there are some things you should know.  

Balance, Endurance, and Strength 

Senior Care Edina, MN: Exercise and Independence

There have been studies done that show how much balance, endurance, and strength people have as they age. In one Murdock study, men and women from 30 to 100 years of age, participated. They were told to do certain tasks that would test their balance, endurance, and strength. When this study was completed, it showed that younger men had rated the best in these categories. However, it also showed that most of the decline started to happen in those who were age 50 and older. Particularly, it was most difficult for people in that age group to balance standing on 1 leg and getting up from a chair. Walking for 6 minutes was most difficult for people who were 60 to 80.  

What does this mean for your elderly loved one? 

This study is important information in order for you to help your elderly loved one. It might be helpful to do some basic tasks like standing on 1 leg, getting up from a chair, walking around for 6 minutes, etc. to see what your elderly loved one is capable of doing. You can also see what tasks are more difficult for them than others. Once you do this, you can start working with them on the things that are tougher for them.  

Getting Regular Exercise 

No matter whether your elderly loved one is having difficulty with basic tasks at this point or not, research does show that regular exercise can help to maintain and improve balance, endurance, and strength. Your elderly loved one should be getting approximately 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises per week. Some other ways you can help your elderly loved one to get regular exercise is by having them do 30-second jumping jacks at one time, carrying a gallon of water around in front of their chest for a few minutes, and doing a plank. 


Remember, while you want to help your elderly loved one to stay independent as long as possible, you should still clear any exercise routine you set up for them with their doctor first. In addition, just because you want your elderly loved one to stay independent, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a senior care provider helping out, just in case your elderly loved one needs assistance with something.  


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