Changes to vision impact your life. When your dad’s vision changes, he may have a harder time reading the fine print, reading road signs, or handling glare. Help your dad deal with his changing vision by discussing home care. Here are the most common vision problems and the ways home care can help.

#1 – Refractive Errors

Home Care Shakopee, MN: Seniors and Vision Changes

Refractive errors occur when light doesn’t hit the exact point of the retina that it should. For nearsighted people, the light doesn’t quite reach the retina. In farsightedness, the light travels too far and misses the retina. Light may hit the right area but not evenly. This is called astigmatism.

One of the most common refractive error is called presbyopia. In this case, age makes it harder for the eye to focus. Fine print becomes blurry without magnifiers or holding the paper or item at the right distance.

Your dad probably will not need too much help with these vision issues. He may need someone to help him read the fine print if magnifiers are not available. He may need someone to help him schedule and remember appointments with his eye doctor. If you’re close enough, your help may be enough.

#2 – Glaucoma

When fluid in the eye builds up too much, it puts pressure on the optic nerve. This impacts peripheral and central vision. It can lead to blindness.

If your father is losing his sight due to glaucoma, he’ll need help with transportation. He may need home care aides to help him move around his home, cook his meals, and complete his laundry and housework.

#3 – Macular Degeneration

When tissue breaks down or blood vessels expand within the center of your retina, it’s known as macular degeneration. It causes blurred central vision that makes it hard to drive, read, or see objects where you’re walking.

Over time, it can take away sight and make it impossible to drive a car. It can increase his fall risk. Your dad may also need caregivers to cook his meals, take him shopping, and escort him to appointments.

#4 – Cataracts

Cataracts involve a cloudy film forming over the eye’s lens. One of the biggest issues is the vision looks foggy. Headlights at night can form halos. Your dad’s eye doctor may require your dad to stop driving at night. If that happens, he’s going to need home care services that help with transportation before or after the sun rises or sets and on gloomy days.

#5 – Diabetic Retinopathy

If your dad has diabetes, his retina may enlarge and lead to blood vessels leaking. This can cause flashes of light, floaters, and blurred vision. In addition to managing his diabetes, he also needs to keep his blood pressure well managed. Home care aides can help him remember to take medications, check his sugar levels, and eat properly.


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