As your dad ages, he probably has talked about getting to stay in his house and remaining independent. He doesn’t want to move to a new home. He likes where he is. Caregivers can improve your dad’s life and ensure he stays in his house for as long as possible. 
Organization and Scheduling

Caregiver Savage, MN: Caregiving and Improving Life

Caregivers can help organize your dad’s home and life. He can have a caregiver helping bring in the mail and sort it into recycling, bills, magazines/flyers, and personal mail. He can have a caregiver help him schedule appointments, order heating fuel, and sort recycling for weekly or bi-weekly pick-up services. 
Housekeeping and Laundry 
Housekeeping services range from help making beds and changing sheets to doing the laundry. Your dad can have caregivers help him with vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, and dusting. He’ll have someone to wash dishes after his meals, load and empty the dishwasher, and disinfect surfaces. 
Meal Preparation 
Cooking full meals is a hassle as you age. Whether your dad never cooked or struggles to cook meals for one after decades of cooking for a full family, caregivers can help him with meal preparation. 
Your dad can have a caregiver escort him to a grocery store, carry the bags for him, and put everything away. When it’s time to eat, he can have caregivers prepare his meals, keep him company while he eats, and wash up after. 
If your dad isn’t supposed to drive, how does he get around? How does he get to his appointments with his doctor and dentist? How does he get groceries, prescription refills, and household supplies? He could have a caregiver available on days he needs to run errands or has appointments. 
If your dad lives alone, he may feel lonely. This is especially possible if he doesn’t have family or friends in the area who can visit each week. Companionship services are a must if this is his situation. 
Caregivers stop by to play games, chat, or take your dad out for a drive. He could have his caregiver stop by for a movie every Friday afternoon or help him with the morning crossword. 
Talk to a senior care agency about these five services. You might be able to help your dad with some aspects of daily living, but your work schedule and personal responsibilities can make it hard to do everything. Let a senior care agency fill in the gaps where you cannot help your dad. 


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