Being a caregiver during a pandemic adds a new layer of challenges to a situation that may have already been quite challenging enough. Helping your elderly family member to find ways to make self-quarantine easier on herself can help you, too. 

Encourage Her to Reach out to Friends

Senior Care Chaska, MN: Feeling Down While Self-quarantining

Reaching out to other people is really important during this time of self-quarantine. Just because your elderly family member shouldn’t be around other people very much right now, that doesn’t mean she can’t communicate with them. Finding ways to reach out and to connect, whether that’s through phone calls or social media messages, can be incredibly important. 

Make Sure She Keeps Her Schedule as Well as She Can 

Your senior already has a daily schedule she’s used to, which probably includes things like having meals at certain times, getting up at a certain time, and doing other activities as well. If your elderly family member can stick to her regular routine as much as possible, that’s going to give her a lot more support during this time of self-quarantine. She’ll feel a little less cooped up if she’s going through the regular motions of her day. 

Explore Interactive Online Games with Friends 

If your elderly family member has a computer, she might want to try playing interactive online games with her friends. This is something that has become more popular recently for people of all ages and it’s perfect for socializing and passing the time while under self-quarantine. There are a variety of ways your senior can play games and chat with friends at the same time. 

Go Outside for a Few Minutes Every Day 

Being out in public around a lot of people is a bad idea right now, but that doesn’t mean that your senior has to stay inside her home all day, every day. It’s perfectly okay for her to go outside and sit on her front porch or to go into the back yard and enjoy the spring weather. Spending some time in the sun can help her body to produce vitamin D, which can help her immune system to stay strong, too. 

Your senior may be feeling a wide range of different emotions about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting her and the people she loves. It can also help if she has someone to talk to. Going to therapy or to a support group is likely not an option right now, but there are online options for both, if she’s willing to give those a try. 


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