On the surface, accepting help from elder care providers sounds easy enough. But your elderly family member might feel differently about the entire situation and that can be a big surprise for you. It’s helpful to understand why she might be seeing the situation from another perspective. 

New People Are a Little Intimidating for Her

Elder Care Eden Prairie, MN: Tough Accepting Help

For some aging adults, new people are a scary thing. Your elderly family member might worry that being around anyone she doesn’t know is something that won’t turn out well for her. If she’s been isolating herself a bit, this feeling can be even more pronounced. Being around other people a little more often can be good for her and she may be able to work through these feelings in time. 

She Doesn’t Believe She Needs Any Help 

Your senior may honestly believe that she’s just fine with no help at all. This might be true in some situations, but it’s probably not fully accurate, which is why you’re trying to get help lined up for her. Your senior may be operating under outdated beliefs about how much she can accomplish and what she can do. It can take time to work through those beliefs with her. 

She Wants Her Privacy 

One of the aspects of her life that your senior might place a great deal of value on right now could be her privacy. For many aging adults, having anyone new helping her could translate as being a situation in which she’s being “watched” all the time. She may feel that you’re trying to do that on purpose in order to keep an eye on her. It’s important to talk to her about what you see as the biggest concerns right now, especially in terms of safety. Emphasize to her that you’re trying to help, not take over. 

She Really Wants to Hang onto Her Independence 

Your senior’s independence may be the single most important aspect of her life right now. Knowing that someone else will be helping her may feel like a threat to her independence and that can cause her to react in unpredictable ways. Again, she may feel as if you’re trying to take over when that isn’t the case. It’s essential that you find a way to talk to her about maintaining her independence even while accepting help. 

Getting help for your senior in the form of elder care providers can be a lot easier when you’re both on the same page about it. Talk to your senior about what she expects and wants so that you can sort through any misconceptions together. 


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