It’s a great idea for other family members to be as involved as they’re able to be, but if they’re in denial or they simply are having a difficult time coming to terms with your senior’s situation, that could be making life difficult for everyone. There are a few things you can do, but you also have to focus on being a caregiver.

Do Everything You Can to Educate Them

Elderly Care Prior Lake, MN

Elderly Care Prior Lake, MN

Within limits, it’s vital to make sure that other family members are educated as much as possible about what’s going on. Sometimes those limits are going to involve your senior’s privacy and what she wants certain people to know. If you’ve got free rein to discuss everything that’s going on, though, it’s vital to use as much information as you can to help other family members to understand what your senior needs and what she’s going through.

Don’t Try to Pretty Things Up

Sometimes it feels like a good idea to put a pretty description in place of what can feel like an ugly conversation. But that doesn’t serve anyone well at all and might only confuse family members more than they already were. Don’t try to get fancy or cover anything up. Give family members the information that you can in plain language. You’ll be grateful later for going that route.

Make Patience Your Mantra

This situation is one of the ones in caregiving that might cause you some of the most frustration. It’s really difficult to keep explaining to other family members about what you and your senior are managing every day. They may offer you advice that has nothing to do with the situation or keep trying to get you to do something that you already know won’t work. Patience needs to be the touchstone you rely on during these times.

Keep Meeting Your Needs and Your Senior’s Needs

The bottom line is that you need to continue to be the caregiver that your senior needs. Your other family members aren’t there in the trenches with you both. You’re the one who needs help and if they’re not able to offer that, you need to do what is next for both of you. That might mean hiring elderly care providers to get the help that you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get from family members.

Family members mean well, but they may still have a tough time coming through the way that you need them to. You’re not always going to make the headway with them that you want to, and that has to be okay at some point.


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