Happy Birthday Grandma Billie!

Many of you may wonder, who’s Billie? Billie was my grandmother and a huge part of my life growing up. She never missed a horse show, birthday or life event. She was always there front and center cheering me on. Her home cooked meals were the BEST!  As she aged, she transitioned into assisted living and ultimately to a nursing home. I spent a lot of my time those last few years helping my mom and her siblings care for grandma. I worked at the nursing home she was at. I would go visit her on my lunch breaks or help feed her in the dining room. Her dementia was very advanced at that point. She always remembered me. I’ll never forget how her face would light up every time she saw me. Even if I only stayed for 5 minutes, it made her day to see me!  Today, grandma Billie would have been 100! Since starting our company I’ve had the opportunity to share so many wonderful stories about Billie with others in the community. I hold her dear to my heart every day. Grandma, I wish you a wonderful heavenly Birthday!