When you go to the doctor, it’s likely you go alone. You want privacy. Your mom probably shares those feelings. When that happens, it’s hard to keep up with your mom’s changing care needs. If she’s not telling you everything her doctor says, you could be missing important information regarding her need for home care.

Situations Change Quickly

Even if you attend a yearly doctor’s exam with her, a lot can change in a year. You should visit her as often as possible to see if her house is reasonably clean and organized. Is she dressed for the temperatures? Is she taking medications her doctor prescribed? Is she paying bills on time and have the money she needs for groceries?

If anything seems off, it could be she’s struggling with memory, depression, mobility, or so many other situations that benefit from home care. The sooner you’re able to identify these changes, the faster she’ll have the help she needs to live independently.

How Do You Stay Up-to-Date?

Talk to your mom about having permission to talk to her doctors. She needs to fill out the HIPAA paperwork that allows the doctor to share medical results with people on a specific list. A medical power of attorney is another consideration.

With a medical power of attorney, you would be able to fulfill your mom’s wishes if a health emergency led to her being unable to communicate. For example, if she had a stroke, you’d know if she wanted a feeding tube or ventilation tubes. You’d also know answers to questions like does she have metal pins prior to an MRI or is she allergic to any medications.

If you know any of your mom’s neighbors, you can ask them if she seems okay. They’d know if she wasn’t coming or going as often. They could also alert you to damage following a storm or if mail is piling up in the mailbox.

Getting the Help She Needs

Talk to your mom in a family meeting. Let her be part of the decision-making process. If she’s involved, she may be a little less resistant to having caregivers stop by to help her with housework, laundry, transportation, meals, and other home care services.

When you hire home care aides to help your mom, services are easily adjusted to meet her changing needs. You can add a service that would benefit her or remove services if her abilities change. Call a home care agency to learn more.


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