Your dad needs help at home. You live an hour away. Trips back and forth to his house are exhausting. When you add work, time with your children and partner, and home maintenance, it’s too much. Your dad doesn’t want to move from his home, but you’re not sure you should move in with him.

Things to Consider if You Move

If you move in with your dad, you’re under his roof. While you may know best, he’s going to have house rules he expects you to follow. If you’re not okay with his rules, you need to reconsider moving into his home. He may expect you to be back home by a certain hour so that you’re not waking him up. He might expect you to do laundry on a specific day and not on others.

If you move and something happens to your dad, is his mortgage paid off? Does he have a reverse mortgage? If he can no longer occupy his home, you might have to sell it or buy out the remaining amount if you’re going to stay there. If you can’t, you’ll be finding a new place to live in a short amount of time.

You can’t just invite people over without asking him first. You need to be respectful that it’s his home. This can impact your social life. If he doesn’t want company and needs you there, you can’t just head out to a restaurant or bar with your friends and ignore him.

Once you live with your dad, you’re there to help and it may be at all hours. If he needs something in the middle of the night, you’ll be the one helping out. It may mean no sleep or interrupted sleep some nights. Are you prepared for that? Will it affect your job? You may find yourself resenting all of the demands he has on your time.

The final thing to consider is privacy. You’re going to be sharing common rooms like the family room, kitchen, and living room. You may be sharing a bathroom. It’s going to impact the privacy you’re used to. In a smaller home, you may feel like you have no space for yourself. It can get difficult to manage as the weeks turn into months and you’re unable to fill your desire for time alone.

Senior Care Services May Be a Better Option

Senior care services eliminate any argument over who lives where. You may feel better having your dad move in with you, but it’s unfair to force him. With senior care services available each day, he can live independently without putting his safety at risk. Call an agency to discuss home care prices and services.


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