With a limited income stream, your parents don’t want to spend a lot of money on caregivers. They’re asking their adult children to step up and help out. You’re open to being a family caregiver, but you need to make sure this is fair to everyone. 
You don’t want your parents struggling to have help each day. You also don’t want your new obligations as a family caregiver impacting the relationship with your friends, children, and spouse. How do you make family caregiving work for everyone? 
Get Legal Paperwork in Order

Elderly Care Rosemount, MN: Successful Family Caregiving

If your mom and dad haven’t talked to an elder law attorney, they should. Two forms are especially important. First, they should designate someone to help with financial matters if they cannot do it on their own. Second, they need a medical power of attorney in place. If something happens and they cannot tell doctors what they wish to happen, they need someone to instruct doctors. 
A medical power of attorney protects them against feeding tubes if that is something they don’t want. DNR orders, ventilators, and other life-saving measures may also not be ideal for your parents. 
A will is another thing that your parents should discuss. They don’t want battles to start over the family home or money. They may not want the state stepping in and deciding who, if anyone, gets the house and money in bank accounts. 
Create a Care Plan 
Talk to your parents about the care they may need now or in the future. How do they want to address that care? Would they want their children to help with toileting and bathing or would the be more comfortable with a professional caregiver? 
If they were restricted to a wheelchair, would they want their home modified or would downsizing to a one-level home make more sense to them? These discussions may be uncomfortable, but they’ll help years from now. 
Hire Elderly Care Aides to Fill Gaps in Care 
There will be gaps in care from time to time. If you have no siblings, close friends, or other family members who can help out, you can’t devote every hour of your day to the care your parents need. You need to take care of yourself. 
Elderly care aides can fill those gaps. If you need to go to work or attend your child’s game, let caregivers help out while you’re taking a break. It’s easy to arrange elderly care services and eliminates the stress you can encounter as a family carer. 


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