When your senior has dementia, safety becomes a huge concern. Here are just a few things you can start to do to improve safety.

Make Sure There are Smoke Detectors throughout the House

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Smoke detectors and other detectors and alarms, like carbon monoxide detectors, help you and your senior to know when there’s an emergency you need to deal with right away. Double check that these detectors work properly at least once a month and change out the batteries every six months. It might also be a good idea to get a home security system that incorporates all of these detectors together.

Keep Emergency Numbers Near Every Phone

Make a list of important emergency numbers and make sure to include things like the poison control center in your area, the closest hospitals, and your senior’s doctors. Keep a copy of that list next to every phone, just in case. It can also help to photocopy or to print this list on bright paper so that it’s easy to find.

Consider Safety Knobs for Kitchen Appliances

Safety knobs for kitchen appliances can help your senior to continue to cook while still being as safe as possible. Some knobs have a timer feature that turn the appliance off after a set amount of time. Others have locking features, so that your senior can’t turn the stove on accidently, for instance.

Lock up Medications and Household Chemicals

Household chemicals and medications can be a source of trouble for your senior. It’s a good idea to lock them up and to put them in a place where they’re not likely to be found accidentally. This helps to ensure that your senior doesn’t come across anything that she shouldn’t be taking.

Think Safety at All Times

Something that really helps is if your focus is constantly on safety. Add locks to cabinet doors, clear the house of clutter, and pay attention to spills as soon as they happen. If you’ve got a focus on safety every day, you’re going to make it a habit.

It’s tough to have all of this on your shoulders all the time. Having help from home care providers helps to keep your senior safe at home, even with dementia, and it allows you to have an extra set of eyes on the situation. They can make your life and your senior’s life easier while also helping in a variety of ways.


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